Dental Health-Care Professional Services

We are justifiably proud of our dedication to produce the best possible prosthetic appliances

During manufacture each tooth is individually modified where necessary to give the most aesthetically pleasing appliance to match either the patient’s existing teeth or the patient’s old denture, thus producing the most carefully and precise custom made appliance for your patient.  We do not operate a ‘production’ line.  Each of our technicians is fully qualified, or is working towards being fully qualified, in all aspects of prosthetics and takes pride in following each job through to completion.   We seek to offer the best possible care for your patient; their needs will be individually assessed during each process throughout production.  It takes time to make a denture correctly; we want you to be completely satisfied with our work and for your patients to have nothing but praise for your skill and dedication

We offer quality dentures in Private, Independent and Standard ranges.

We use Ivoclar Vivodent or Schottlander Enigma teeth when constructing our private dentures, which we consider are the best available.  Other makes are available if you so wish and we are willing to obtain a different make in a mould and shade of your choosing where possible.

Our private dentures are for your patients who require the very best bespoke appliance and can be supplied in either High Impact acrylic, if specified; or with a clear acrylic palate.  Additionally Cobalt chrome casting or Valplast Flexible dentures are available.   Our prices are all inclusive of contour and stippling where applicable, special trays and teeth, and are supplied in a complimentary denture case.

For our Independent dentures we use Davis-Schottlander Natura Teeth and supply a high quality moderately priced denture for those patients wanting more natural looking appearance than our’ standard’ quality appliances.

Our ‘Standard’ quality, suitable for all NHS work, uses Dentsply Dentacryl teeth and we produce a good quality asthetically pleasing functional appliance.

Whatever standard you choose it is advisable not to miss out any of the stages in production, i.e. ‘bites’ or ‘try-ins’.  (Although completion may take a little longer than other laboratories, we choose not to compete with this as we believe the extra time is beneficial to the finished appliance).  It is especially important at the try-in stage, for example, that your patient is able to make sure they are happy with the mould, shade and set-up of the teeth, and you are able to ascertain that the occlusion and facial lines are correct, before the denture is finished.

We operate a five-day turn round for each stage of manufacture and take pride in returning jobs to you on the day stated on your prescription sheet.

We will willingly rush jobs to meet deadlines; there maybe a small extra charge for this service.

Additions and Repairs

Additions of 1 – 3 teeth are done overnight, as are repairs.  If you have more than three teeth to add to a denture please allow two days to enable us to set-up the teeth in wax before processing.  Please send an impression taken with the denture insitu and opposing dentate with any addition.