We do most denture repairs in an hour, there will be a charge for this. Unfortunately we do not currently accept card payment.

  • If your denture is broken;
  • Please keep all the pieces possible.
  • Do NOT use super glue, it is nearly always impossible to repair a denture that has been super-glued.
  • Please clean the denture as much as possible before coming.

If you have lost a tooth, on your full denture we will do our utmost to match the existing teeth.  If you have a partial denture and the missing tooth is next to a natural tooth, it will be necessary for you to have an impression taken, with the denture in your mouth, by YOUR DENTIST.  If the tooth that is lost is between two teeth on your denture it will be possible to add a new one without the need for an impression.

Either call in with your denture, following the directions or if you prefer to call us first, – our phone number is 0151 522 0040, we will be happy to help.